IR Lamp Applications

Typical Applications

§        AUTOMOTIVE /ENGINEERING : Paint &Putty Baking. Powder Coating, Preheating Parts prior to Shrink Fitting orWelding, Drying Washed Parts.

§        CERAMIC / GLASS : Baking Decorations,Sterilising, Glaze Drying, TV tube Coat Curing, Mirror Drying, Drying WashedParts.

§        ELECTRICAL INDUSTRY : Drying of Motors and Armatures, BakingVarnish on Motor Windings, Drying paint and Baking Enamel.

§        ELECTRONIC : Drying, Preheating,Curing and Solder Fusing of PC Board.

§        FOOD INDUSTRY : Dehydrating Fruits & Vegetables,Food Processing, Moisture Removal prior to Pulverising.

§        FOUNDRIES : Drying of Moulds and Cores.

§        LEATHER : Curing Sprayed ShoeLeather Hides, Baking Finish on Leather Products.

§        PLASTIC INDUSTRY : Preheating Plastics prior to Forming,Dehydrating Plastic Powders, Curing Lamination & Adhesive Tapes.

§        PHARMACEUTICAL : Continuous BottleSterilising, Glue Drying on Surgical Tapes.

§        PRINTING AND ENGRAVING: DryingPrinting Ink, Setting Flux on Electrotype Castings, Silk Screen Drying andCuring.

§        PULP AND PAPERINDUSTRY : Drying ofTapes, Cones and Cylinders, Drying Paper Coating.

§        RUBBER INDUSTRY : Drying RubberLaminations. Drying Paint on Hard Rubber Parts. Curing Molded Rubber.

§        TEXTILE INDUSTRY : Drying Fibre, Fabrics, Silvers, and NonWovens. Heat Setting Nylon I Polyester, Binder Curing on Non-Woven Fabrics.

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